Baron/Baroness Basil von Bush

A lush, sophisticated, hedonistic, and intelligent lush.


Hailing from a long line of sophisticated doctors, Baron/Baroness Basil von Bush honors his/her family’s medical dedication…while on the clock. Typically, Basil does his/her best to get out of work to enjoy the finer things of life. In a pinch, the Barony von Bush, as he/she sometimes refer to himself/herself, will put down his/her bourbon tumbler and tobacco pipe to see to the medical needs of his/her subjects. This has made him/her beloved amongst his/her people and hailed as the best Baron/Baroness in his/her family line.

The Baron has no enemies as he/she makes quick friends where ever he/she goes due to either his/her superior stature or to his/her expert medical skills. In regions where bi-gendered/transgendered individuals are persecuted for their unusual nature, Basil will refer to himself/herself in the masculine form. Sometimes, this will occur even in open-minded reasons as Basil prefers the benefits that being a man provide: the right to vote, the right to own property, and the right to a good cigar while the women folk chatter about nothing over tea or some such.

His/her lifetime goal is to open a practice with a dozen lesser doctors working under him/her so he/she can essentially live off of their backs. The idea came to him/her one night during one of his/her mid night, drug-induced sex romps in the family’s library when a vine he/she had been fellating/eating out himself/herself with dislodged an old data store from the ancient times and such a thing was greatly detailed within. However, he/she will not specialize with teeth as the data store mentioned as he/she abhors teeth, but rather a general practice that encompasses all ailments and maladies.

Baron Basil Von Bush’s Journal

Baron/Baroness Basil von Bush

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